Simple days like these…

It’s day like these that reminds me that life isn’t all about fast paced entertainment and where we have to visit next. Today was about spending the day with my family. It was about my core unit. It’s also been an amazing beautiful day without rain! I have no idea how many rainy days we have had this year but I do know its been a lot!


It was about sitting on the back porch watching the boys play baseball. Eating hot dogs and hamburgers for no other reason than it sounded good. It was a day where we played games and actually talked to one another. It was as Sunday should be, with the exception that we did not attend church. Had we done that it would have the most perfect Sunday.

As we head into another busy week with work and obligations I will rest in the knowledge that for today we took to the time to be together… On purpose.

Just another reminder that living a purely simple life is the most rewarding. It is well. I am well.

Peace, Love, & Health…

Good morning


It’s a beautiful day not because of the weather, but because I am breathing. God gave me another day to live out His will. Let’s see what happens!


I like to laugh… A lot. I laugh really loud too. Can’t help it, it’s part of expressing my joy. Today I had the pleasure of spending time with some of my favorite people doing nothing more than laughing & catching up.

One of the friends I got to spend time with is someone I don’t see often, Crazy J. She is a riot and a half. We feed of each other and eventually end up looking like a comedy act. I have missed spending time with her.

We both have a mutual friend who is going through a tough period in her life. It was fast and unexpected. She had major brain surgery and her recovery is taking longer than she wants it to. Being a Type A personality, she is the one who cares for and worries about everyone. She takes great prides in her work and has a committed & strong work ethic. This has stumped her. Once so strong and in control, she now has to depend on others. Once running from place to another, she can barely get around without getting sick. Her body is slowly on the mend but her spirit is going the other way. She knows that this will pass, but she is just over this.

What started off as a nice quiet visit with my dear friend by myself, I decided that Crazy J should come along too. I thought it would be good for our friend to have some laughs. The three of us girls get together and we just naturally begin to laugh. I am not convinced she was thrilled we were coming by, but I know that by the time we left her spirit had lifted. For a moment she didn’t hurt, she didn’t struggle, she felt good. We all did. We all needed the joy of each others company. We simply laughed a lot and we laughed loud. No medicine can touch that.

Take the time to laugh. Don’t be afraid to laugh…. It feels really good. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Read more about the benefits here.

Life is a Gift. Live it Well.

Life is a Gift.  Live it Well.

We are only given one life to live and far too often we make it complicated. We miss the joy in the small things and we don’t take care of ourselves. Let’s change that together! Let’s choose to be happy, organized, and well. Let’s live a purely simple life.