Detox Bath Recipe

My family was recently tagged by the cold virus floating around recently. We were all yucky sick. Being the Momma, I don’t get to stay in bed to rest and recuperate like the other family members because I am naturally the caretaker. I needed some help. I have a friend who was experiencing the same thing and she told me about a detox bath she took. I was fascinated about this concept because it involved all the things I love: 30 minutes to myself, a bath, lavender essential oil, and feeling better. I was in! I immediately went to the store and bought what I needed:

Epsom salt, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda.

I had most of this stuff at home, but decided it was wise to stock up. I keep doTerra’s lavender oil in stock all over my house so I didn’t worry about being out of that.


After the store, I ran home and started the bath. I made the water as hot as I could stand it, mixed the ingredients in the bath, stirred them about a bit just to make myself feel cool, and got in. Glorious! It was very relaxing and much needed. I began to feel better almost immediately but I soaked for 30 minutes. Once the timer went off, I slowly began to get out of the tub because I had been sitting in a hot bath removing toxins out of my system…one must be careful. Then I took a quick cool shower to rinse off. I had read somewhere to rinse off after a detox bath to wash off the salt & any residue toxins. Truly, who cares… it’s a quick shower to rinse. Done and done.

I immediately began drinking a large glass of water to continue the detoxing process. I noticed how tired I was and really wanted to curl up to take a nap. I couldn’t because I had to get my son from school…. so I highly recommend you do this bath at night! You will thank me for it.

If you feel particularly congested from the cold & flu, add eucalyptus to the bath. It’ll open you wide up!

Baths and showers naturally make us feel better. They make us feel cleaner and rub all the daily grime off of us. By adding these other ingredients you are stepping up your game and allowing the removal of toxins from your body. Just remember to move slowly, drink lots of water, and get plenty of rest afterwards!

Now… lock the door, set the timer, and relax!

In peace, love & health….

Recipe: 1 cup Epsom salt, 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 10 drops lavender essential oil


I am currently reading the book “Unglued” by Lysa TerKeurst with a group of amazing women.  This is a study I really wanted to do as soon as I heard about the book because I know that at times I crumble and become Unglued.  I hate the feeling of coming unglued.  When we become unglued we are no longer in control of our emotions or even our words.  We have spiraled out of control in to a deep abyss of resentment, bitterness, and anger. Usually it’s over absolutely nothing important at all.  We are reacting this way because we are irritated, tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, hungry, or about to start our monthly cycle.  I know for me, I get cranky when I am all of those.  In the past I would say, “I can’t help it” and I would let it be.  I would apologize later to all of those I went after  and feel guilty for a long time about it; begging for self-forgiveness.

The thing I love about this study is that Lysa doesn’t focus on us being “perfect”.  She reminds us we are a work in progress.  Love this!  Whoever came up with the concept that we must portray perfection was absolutely insane.  Alas, we bought this line of baloney and all of us work hard to seem like we have it together.  In the midst of acting perfect a part of us dies when we realize we are not perfect in any way.  The constant feeling of failure is all around us.  My feeling even crept into my faith.  Actually, for a while I was very legalistic in scripture and every day I failed.  There was no way God loved me or was pleased with me.  It wasn’t until AFTER I got through the Old Testament reading and re-read the New Testament that I began to understand why it was called the Gospel.  The Good News is that we aren’t perfect… God doesn’t expect us to be perfect.  He wants us to love Him with a full and willing heart.  He loves us so much that He sacrificed Jesus on the cross.  HE SACRIFICED HIS ONLY SON (John 3:16 – slight improv version) for me and you.  His sacrifice didn’t come with a list of things we had to do in order to be perfect.  Man created this idea of perfection.  God loves us for us… He made us this way.  All He wants is our heart.  A willing heart to serve out his kingdom on earth.  No threats of beheadings, murder, demands, food requirements, attacks, etc… Just an open heart.  I absolutely believe in Jesus.  I have experienced his grace, mercy, and love first hand.  I have witnessed his miracles.  I could not deny Him any more than I could deny the air that I breath. 

Knowing that I have Jesus in my heart gives me the strength and acceptance to continue this journey of “Imperfect Progress”.  I am still going to make mistakes, but I am going to do so with a little more grace.  Being a Christian does not mean you have got it together.  Honestly, we all come to Him broken and looking to be healed.  We need our soul to be healed.  We desire peace.  Sheila Walsh said it best when she said:

“Peace is not the absence of trouble, but the presence of Christ.”


When I think of my goal to live a purely simple life… it’s this.  It’s to be at Peace.  Peace with who I am in Christ Jesus.  Who I am in His kingdom and ministry.  Pure heart, Simple words, and Living out a happy life.

Today I started the Unglued Devotional.  Day one is PERFECT (hahaha).  It’s titled “Time for a New Script”. 

Thought for the day: While feeling unglued is all I’ve really known, today my life can be different.


For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hands and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you. – Isaiah 41:13

Even if you don’t have time to do the study, get the Daily Devotional offered.  Take a few minutes to dedicate yourself to peace, serenity, and balance.  Calm your soul and open your heart to His goodness.


In Peace, Love, and Health


Good People


Surround yourself with good people. People who accept you for who you are and love you for it. Good people will naturally challenge you to be good.. Not by force, but by acceptance and love.