Luxurious Chores


I do not enjoy the repeated daily chore of laundry. I despise laundry. It’s actually the part of folding I don’t like. I can wash & dry all day, but folding… ugh. It’s horrible. I have no idea what my block is on folding laundry. I know I am not alone in this because when I tell my girlfriends this, it’s universal. We all hate folding clothes.

Maybe it’s because we know that the same shirt we washed, dried, and folded will be on the floor or (hopefully) in the hamper tomorrow. We will do the same thing exact thing tomorrow and sometimes it’s just frustrating. Doing the same exact thing over and over again can also get boring so today I ended up doing something unexpected and crazy.

Today I folded laundry with a glad heart. I started the folding process just to get it out of the way but somewhere in the middle of it I started praying. Prayer can happen anywhere and at any time so I went with it. It wasn’t like a prayer of, “Do you hear me” or “Please help so and so” or “I need patience”… it was of a small voice saying, “Thank you for this chore of laundry.” It shocked me. As I said it again the realization set on me that I was behaving like the spoiled girl I am. I cringe about folding loads and loads of laundry when there is someone out there right now without loads and loads of laundry because they don’t own anything more than what they wear on their backs. It was a humbling prayer.

It wasn’t one that I was seeking, but sometimes Jesus likes to remind us in subtle ways that we need to take step back and get over ourselves. I honestly wasn’t acting like a brat today. This may have been building and for whatever reason the prayer came about and today I gladly folded each piece of laundry. For the first time (and maybe the last… we will see how long this stays with me) I found laundry a beautiful thing. It was a chore of luxury.


I think the above scripture is appropriate. Create in me a clean heart… a clean spirit… a clean mind. Clear my head of the expectations of this world and let me be glad. We are so busy and so overwhelmed that we miss the beauty for what we have in front of us. We take for granted that we even have loads of laundry to do, trash to take out, dishes to clean, and much more. Today’s event gave me a lesson in humility and maybe even got me to fold more laundry than I have ever had before.

I pray this lesson stays with me. Especially since I have two more loads of laundry to dry & fold.

I CHOOSE Happiness

I CHOOSE Happiness

We often do not think we deserve happiness, but that is further from the truth. There will be tough times in life and sometimes you may feel down. You have a choice. You can choose to stay in the dark or open your mind & your heart to choose happiness!

Perfect for International Day of Happiness!