Chaperone fun

My oldest child, 14 (about to be 15), has his first girlfriend. He obviously wants to spend a lot of time with her and he spends a lot of time texting/talking to her on the phone. This is all new territory for our family. What to do?

We decided that he could ask her on a date, but either his dad or I would be there. CHAPERONE! When my son asked me for dating ideas I drew a blank because I have no clue. What do teenagers do on a date? Especially teens who can’t drive or have a job! He was totally cool with going to an indoor putt putt place at the mall and the dinner.

The tricky part is how to give them sometime to talk by themselves but not allow them to take off by themselves. I am okay with them hanging out but I am not okay with them being unsupervised. The idea hit me…. Don’t actually give him any money to take her out. In order to do anything I have to be with them (I impress me sometimes).

So I am sitting on the bench reading this awesome book called “Daring Greatly” by Brené Brown and waiting for them to decide they are hungry. I hope it’s soon because I am ready to eat!


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